Wednesday, 20 June 2018
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Vapiano Pasta Pizza bar

While accolades may have been expressed prematurely and critics may have been somewhat too enthusiastic about the concept: The critical factor for the operator and franchisee are the numbers representing the profits. And this is the area where for more than five years this clever concept hat not only stood the test; it has generated outstanding profit margins and introduced new dimensions in the limited area of system gastronomy.

In effect, the structure of the concept is relatively simple: We never make any comprise in relation to the location, the interior and the ambiance of our "design cathedral"; and certainly not in relation to product supply or the quality of our staff. The quick self service applied in combination with the chip card payment system is coupled with the individual preparation of our dishes made to order in front of our guests. Deliberate limitation to pizza pasta and the colourful salad offering does not only help to reduce the costs of inventory management and stock; it also facilitates fast and efficient integration and training of newcomers in the restaurant business.

In a nutshell: We meet alls expectations of our guests - except in relation to the upscale prices of our competitors.
Salvatorpassage, Fünf Höfe, Theatinerstraße 15
D-80333 München
Tel. +49 (89) 206 06 58 60
Fax +49 (89) 206 06 58 66