Wednesday, 25 April 2018
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Beer gardens in Munich

The tradition has spread all over Germany, but you won't get the genuine thing anywhere else but in Munich: Biergärten. In earlier times when brewers were desperate to keep their beer cool during the summer, they stored their barrels in cellars and planted chestnut trees above them, since their wide branches and large leaves keep the place nice and shady.
Distance from hotel: 0.8 km
The Augustinerkeller has one of the oldest and nicest beer gardens of munich. The munich people meet here ... » More

Distance from hotel: 0.9 km
At the Theresienhöhe beneath the Bavaria monument... » More

Distance from hotel: 1.4 km
Probally the most central beergarden in Munich... » More

Distance from hotel: 2.9 km
A very nice and famous beergarden... » More

Distance from hotel: 3.8 km
This premise is viewed by many as a tranquil island in midst of the pulsating city district of “Schwabing”. Located on the shores of the ‘Kleinhesseloher lake’ in one of the most beautiful city parks of the world, the English Garden... » More

Distance from hotel: 3.8 km
The biggest beergarden in Europe... » More

Distance from hotel: 5.5 km
A cosy historical restaurant, surrounded by an old chestnut tree garden with a creek running through it, located in the noble ‘Herzogpark’... » More

Distance from hotel: 6.4 km
Well known and idyllically located at the Isar river... » More

Distance from hotel: 7.9 km
Wanna have fun ? Appreciate good food ? Interested in traditions ? Then join us at the WaWi ... » More